Friday, 26 May 2017


To summarise this blog coming to an end, I have discovered ALOT of info from brands that use Digital Media to advertise their campaign. Discovering brands through influencers on YouTube or Blogs seems to be a daily occurance to see online. Its forever growing!

In past blogs, I’ve given my spin on past campaigns that would make or break a beauty campaign. Some campaigns that were spoken about include NYX/L’Oreal, Benefit and Charlotte Tilbury. These are massive brands, but will this be trendy in future?

What about the growing industry of beauty subscription boxes. Are they really worth the hype? It really depends on what type of person you are. I’ve never tried any myself, but in future I definitely see myself trying one for a one off! Its just too expensive for a student to get deducted £10 - £15 every month.

The question is – is blogging and YouTube ever going to be the same as it was 5 years ago? Probably not. Brands are taking over, money is becoming more of an important aspect especially if your not as big as others in the industry. To others, it’s a hobby and that’s the best way to go around it. People create these platforms as individuals and the real way to gain a successful audience is to enjoy what your doing and interact with your listeners/readers to build a relationship.

Through a college project Industrial Investigations, I’ve also based the same title around this blog. I’ve carried out a number of research methods to gain the heart filled facts from the industry through primary and secondary research. I really want
ed to find out what the public really thought of these people and I was surprised at the outcome. From the secondary research that was gained, I learnt that over 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube and over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day – wow.

Through primary research, a questionnaire was carried out so I could really find out what the public really thought. 87% of respondents are aware of companies who use social media to advertise. Technology is growing and most people these days have a form of social media to get in contact with their family and friends. Vloggers or bloggers do not influence most respondents when it comes to buying a product although it was quite split overall. If sponsorship is involved it can push viewers away – so influencers have to be careful about what brand they do choose to work with, and they have to be passionate.

Ending this blog, this investigation has really put into perspective how brands can really affect us. I’ve started to read more blogs and watch more YouTubers as I ever have before – maybe in future ill start up my own blog about my life, fashion, fitness, make-up… what do you think?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my past blog posts as much as I have writing them. Leave a comment below!

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Blog post number six will focus on the most well-known beauty brands in the industry. NYX was created in 1999 to produce high-quality products that are on trend and affordable. NYX has become one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the social media in the US and worldwide! As NYX has been developing in current years, the brand is now available in over 60 countries and has now launched in UK Boots stores – yay!!

NYX are extremely focused on customer’s opinions on products before launching out into the big bad competitive beauty industry. NYX sends out products via social media to gain opinions and reactions on the product. In the end, they will be the ones hyping the product and encouraging viewers to purchase – so it’s important to produce a product that will be a success.

NYX is known for working with social media influencers such as Jamie Genevieve. Each month, NYX will host ‘meet-ups’ for beauty Vloggers and bloggers to do makeovers and meet up with viewers. All influencers are relatable and look like you and me.  Tutorials are available on influencers channels so they can see products being applied and reviewed before purchasing.

NYX encourages customers to post selfie with the hashtag #NYXCOSMETICS to be featured on their homepage or social media pages. This can grow your own social media following and influence followers on setting a new makeup trend. So it's like one big NYX family! 

Loréal – the number one cosmetic group in the world acquires NYX cosmetics. Located in Paris, the company produces hair colours, skin care, sun protection, hair care, perfumes and make-up. Not only does Loréal work closely with NYX and brands such as The Body Shop and Nestle.

Loreals recent campaign partners up with ‘The Prince Trust’ aims to help 10,000 young people to become more confident with themselves. The campaign ‘All Worth It’ will run confidence courses at each Price’s Trust centres to look over body language, relationships, employability and communication.

The campaign has partnered with 15 representatives including Cheryl Fernandez-Vesini (Cole), Marcus Butler (Vlogger) and Louisa Johnson (XFactor Winner). Each person in the campaign has been through having low self-confidence so it's an extremely relatable campaign for viewers with low self-confidence. 

I think it's important for brands to work with influencers due to the growth in digital media. Young people look up to these influencers and relate to them. When brands work with these influencers, viewers trust the brands they decide to work with and this can influence their buying decisions.

What do you think about this? Leave a comment below!

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


In press, there has been a lot of controversy about Charlotte Tilbury’s attitude towards the whole beauty industry. Since Charlotte was young, she has always seen makeup as a necessity in everyday life. She says it gives her the ‘wow’ factor and she feels wow about herself when she wears it and looks in the mirror. Even when it comes to opening the door for the postman, Charlotte has to put a quick touch of mascara or Charlotte Tilbury ‘colour chameleon’ eye shadow pencil for a quick do up. She wants to be the best version of herself, and wants it all of the time 24 hours a day. She wants to enhance the features she was born with every minute so when she does have a quick glance in the mirrored reflection, she feels good about herself.

Charlotte Tilbury has always dreamt of having a successful beauty brand. And for a brand only being two and a half years old, products have been releasing constantly and being hyped up by bloggers and YouTubers. Charlotte had seen a gap in the market for what she wanted to do, so she went for it.

New ‘Scent Of A Dream’ perfume, Charlotte Tilbury’s first perfume has been focused a lot on social media platforms. The perfume was sent out to popular bloggers and Vloggers as part of a PR package to review the product. Celebrity Kate Moss being the face of the campaign, it one of Charlottes Tilbury’s well known face of the brand. Charlotte and Kate have a close relationship, which makes working together not seem like work!

If anyone is interested in learning more about Kate Moss and Charlotte Tilbury’s collaboration hears a quick interview

The Charlotte Tilbury fragrance launch invited bloggers and Vloggers to London’s Covent Garden. Guests were given cocktails supplied by the expensive vodka brand Belvedere to sip on through the night.  

So was this campaign a make or break for the brand? Yes. More and more people young people are becoming aware of the brand due to watching these Vloggers and bloggers mentioning brands daily. Charlotte Tilbury’s products have been known for creating good products for the price, so why not treat yourself to a product to try out. Samples are also on offer in stores if you want to try before you buy.

In my opinion, Charlotte Tilbury is a very staple brand. If it wasnt for the promotions on Digital Media, I probably wouldnt know about the products myself as well as I do now. I dont personally own any products from the brand but im always browsing the stalls when I see one! 

Click here to be directed to Charlotte Tilbury's products
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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Blog post number four will look at today’s influencers in the digital media world. Digital media is becoming one of the most popular ways to promote a product to a large audience. Especially when it comes to the younger audience, they look upto people on social media and trust reviews on products they show on their platforms.

Companies can sponsor a video or a blog post to be featured on the influencer’s page. Depending on who you sponsor this can be costly. Zoella blogger and YouTuber has been rumoured to cost £20,000 to feature a product in her videos. YouTubers get paid 40-60% of views on their channel on average.

The media love to brag about how much money each influencer earns. YouTubers don’t actually earn money from likes and comments on a video. What it actually does is tell YouTube that they are doing a good job and companies are more likely to want to collaborate with them due to the large audience base. YouTubers get paid for views. The beauty category gets paid more because there are more advertisers in the beauty industry who are willing to pay for ads online.

YouTube and bloggers need to have good Business Skills to start up and make a living from this career. You can't guarantee views on your YouTube channel to be steady each month, so other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can be used to gain subscribers and therefore gain more views on their videos. A good example of earning more income is working with a company throughout their growth by having links in description boxes and showing products.

Working with brands in the social media world is a mainstream way of collecting income. But can you trust everyone that they are giving their true opinions of a brand? From a personal experience of reading blogs and watching YouTubers daily, you can tell when someone isn’t passionate about their sponsor brand. However, when you see that someone is passionate about the brand and want to show how good the companies products are, I will go on to look further at reviews and decided to purchase the product or not.

Sometimes companies will send out free products to a handful of bloggers and YouTubers to hopefully be mentioned. Companies will filter out the people they choose from. For example, sending a new Charlotte Tilbury lipstick to beauty focused platforms.

So is it all worth it? In my opinion yes. YouTubers and Bloggers who are full-time workers need to make an income somehow. Whether that is working with brands that you are passionate about or reviewing a product for the reward is your choice. The Digital Media world is growing and these options are becoming more relevant to a career path people will consider.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Let's have another look at a beauty subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are becoming a more popular way to try new beauty, skincare and tools/accessories in the beauty world. But are these subscription boxes just a dud?

Glossy Box
The idea of the Glossy Box is to firstly select your beauty plan. This basis around what products you’re most interested in, so you will ‘never receive a product you won’t use’.  At the end of ever month, GlossyBox will send out your box so it's something to look forward to at the end of the month.  Plus if you share your feedback with GlossyBox, you will gain ‘GlossyDots’ which add up to a free GlossyBox. The subscription service costs £10 monthly + £3.25 P&P.

GlossyBox seems abit of a hit or miss right? Every month you receive 5 sample-sized products but are you really going to really love every product in the box? Bloggers and Vloggers have jumped on the bandwagon making monthly reviews on the products itself online with Glossy Box.

Boxy Charm
Boxy Charm is another monthly subscription box focused in America. Instead on tiny little samples, Boxy charm sends out 4 to 5 full-size beauty items from makeup to skincare and beauty tools. This subscription service costs $21 monthly and is only sent out to America and Canada.

Boxy Charm does focus a lot on digital media to promote their product. Being a reader of blogs and a viewer of Vloggers, this particular subscription box has sent boxes out to popular influencers to gain reviews. KathleenLights on YouTube with over 3 million subscribers uploads her reviews every month online because of her love for the subscription box plus the contentious freebies for her every month!

Birch Box
Birch Box does not only focus on keeping women happy but in 2012 men Birch Boxes were available and sent out to male bloggers and YouTubers. Birch Boxes mission is to help customers find products they love. The subscription service costs £10 monthly + £2.95 P&P which is fairly similar to Glossy Box right?

The difference here is that Birch Box offers anyone with a relevant YouTube, blog or Instagram to apply to the Affiliate Programme. Its costs nothing to sign up and you are able to start earning money through commission. 

So are these subscription boxes worth it? Yes and No. It's something to look forward to every month plus its cheaper than buying full-size products. However, if your ever lurking around boots you are more than likely to get bombarded with samples for free so your saving £10 a month. The products are different every month, and personally, I would prefer to receive free samples and spend the money on a full sized product I would continue to purchase in future.

In some of these subscription boxes, a lot of the colours of the products aren’t suited to you. For example, if you have quite porcelain skin, most samples that are sent out are usually more of a nude colour. Also, nail varnish some people can be quite picky on what colour they like to wear, so if it doesn’t suit their liking they are probably going to ditch it.

Thanks for reading, what do you think about the beauty subscription industry?


Thursday, 9 March 2017


Technology is constantly becoming more advanced and competition is building between Beauty companies. Marcia Kilgore entrepreneur that also founded ‘FitFlop’ and ‘Soap & Glory’ found there was a gap in the market for something unique. was launched on December 8th last year to supply the public with cheap make-up made by luxury brands.

Beauty Pie’s aim is to ensure people sign up to monthly memberships that cost £10 a month for a minimum of 3 months so the members can access the cheap prices. Non-members can also purchase but only at full price. In the end, prices do work out as little bit more expensive than the brands you find in boots but is worth it if you’re a make-up lover like I am.

Beauty Pie Review| Fleur De Force
Beauty Pie works closely with digital media famous bloggers and Vloggers such as Fleur De Force, MarziasLife, and Sali Hughes. In January, Beauty Pie invited Bloggers/Vloggers to pick out products from the line they were interested in testing out. The products come with a book showing the bloggers tips and tricks when it comes to applying the makeup. Bloggers/Vloggers show close ups of the packaging and spoke about their first impressions on the brand's concept. The packaging of the products seems to look as other expensive brands such as Chanel and Giorgio Armani although, with a cheaper feel. Bloggers/Vloggers tested out the products on themselves to give a more in-depth impression of the products.

The difference between other brands a is that although they make their own products in the same factory as other luxury brands, the brand states that the formulas of the products can be very much alike. If you’re a label lover like me, then you might be put off. In my opinion, I don’t only buy products because of the formula, but by its packaging. Buying a brand new Bobbi Brown lipstick just wouldn’t feel right if the packaging didn’t match up to the price, would it?

So no flaws in the brand and its campaign? Certainly not. What’s the point in buying a foundation or lipstick when you can’t try before you buy? People are put off by brands that rely solidly on online sales because there isn’t any aspect of trying the product to find out if it’s the right shade or textures your looking for.

Digital Media have upped the brand and have gained mix reviews online.  It seems the whole buying and signing up for a membership aspect is off putting to most people like myself. So how can change this? I feel would be a lot more successful if they offered small stalls in Boots or Superdrug so people could try before they buy. Also limiting membership costs to a smaller price and pay more for the product would increase the number of people signing up. If memberships cost half the price and I wasn’t sure how much I would buy per month, I wouldn’t grudge losing out £5.

Skin care will be released online this April along with 365 new makeup products that will be launched next year. What has the future have to hold with We will have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading, Danielle.